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Ian Brown

Broker of Record

As the youngest of 10 children I learned very early the true value of relationships and negotiation. I found out
at dinner one night when I was about 8 years old that schoolyard bullies wouldn’t even consider bothering me because by older wiser siblings were always nearby. When you’re a relationship based person it’s difficult to
pretend to be anything else. Looking back on my career my business life has definitely been a series of
relationships and negotiations, many past clients and customers have remained lifelong friends. Our new
digital world is an absolute dreamscape for do it yourselfers however, I would submit that purchasing or selling any type of real estate in todays fast paced market can quickly become a challenging, pivotal moment for you and your family. Without a skilled, experienced consultant in your corner who understands the
weighty fiduciary relationship as well as all the moving parts of negotiating effectively the odds against
success are considerably higher.

Daily life in Waterloo Region since 1981 has provided me with a very strong knowledge base as well as an appreciation for the area and it’s rich culture. I’ve had the good fortune in recent years to have my two
Daughters-in-law join our independent brokerage of 20 sales reps. Our combination of experience,
knowledge, passion for problem solving and investing in our relationships has made the difference for our clients in numerous transactions.
If you’re considering buying or selling real estate;

"Allow our Focus to become your Advantage"

Mobile: 519-591-1470

Email: ianbrownteam@rogers.com


Sylvia Brown

Sales Representative

After a successful career in HR I decided to turn one of my biggest passions, Real Estate, into a full time career
in 2011. My passion is working with and spending time with my clients to really get to know them and fully
understand what they are needing. My job is to educate and prepare my clients to make one of the biggest decisions they will ever make and to make that process an easy one for them so that they can focus on what
is important to them. I will go the distance for you and your family and will be there with you through the
whole journey. In my spare time I love being a wife and mom, going to the gym, enjoying a good chai latte,
volunteering at our church and kids school and decorating.

Direct: 519-577-0404

Email: soldbysylviabrown@gmail.com


Angela Friesen-Brown

Sales Representative

I have been enjoying my career in Real Estate working with the Ian Brown Team for over 7 years. To me it is
about connecting people, being dedicated to my clients and helping them learn throughout the entire
process. With an HR and analytical background, I ensure my clients have the information to feel good about decisions they make in Real Estate. In my spare time I love spending time with my husband & 2 children,
family & friends: reading, cooking, enjoying the outdoors and listening to music.

Direct: 519-569-9793

Email: afriesenbrown@gmail.com